A friend of mine hit a bad point in life and decided to drop everything and go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India to rediscover herself and find her life path once more. She arrived, took a taxi to her first accommodation. Climbed out of the taxi just as a monsoon rain began to pour. A man, elated by the start of the rains, rushed out of his dwelling full of excitement. He swung a chicken, by its feet, around his head like a lasso and let it go.

It hit her in the face, and almost took out her eye. She ended lying on her back in a trough full of shit and had to make her way to the nearest hospital, where she was recommended to go back to the UK to get her eye treated properly. She was there four about 9 hours before she found herself back at the airport trying to blag a ride home. Her bags were never recovered.

She’s one of the most uptight and anxious people I know. She’s always lovely and friendly, but hums with an undercurrent of nervous, stressy anticipation of losing control. So it was really quite prophetic that she would do this totally uncharacteristic thing in an effort, really, to break herself out of who she was. It was like India took one look at her and said ‘You can’t change. You are what you are. Here’s a chicken to prove it, now go home and be yourself’.